The Power Advantage: A Win-Twice Formula to Reach Personal and Professional Potential

In The POWER Advantage, Dr. Joe Currier demonstrates that when leaders overturn stale, outdated, top-down business management conventions and instead pursue four foundational values required of modern global organizations—Passion, Ownership, Wellness, Relationships—they will succeed in building… See more details here

Connect the Dots: How Significant Life Events Impact Your Life, Leadership Style and Competitive Performance

“What-So What-Now What”

Connect The Dots helps ambitious individuals understand how significant life events impact their lives, leadership style, and competitive performance. Whether you are seeking to improve your life, or attempting to better understand how human behavior determines business behavior, this book provides a conceptual rationale and practical applications for a winning … See more details here

10 Leadership Contracts: Key Strategies to Build Power Teams: Passion . Ownership . Wellness . Excellence . Relationships

This book is a practical guide to help ambitious, upwardly mobile individuals to build credible leadership. While the “contracts” are grounded in traditional strategic initiatives to advance one’s career and elevate the business “bottom-line”, the principles also offer valuable suggestions to establish other partner-relationships, including spousal and parental opportunities. “The 10 Leadership Contracts” are not rigid, legally-binding agreements. They are concrete action-steps … See more details here

Excuses…Excuses: Why Aren’t You Healthier and More Effective?

A Book that Explores a Life-Changing Question… Do you ever feel that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to changing your life for the better? Why do you put off until tomorrow what you know you should do today? Why are New Year’s Resolutions yesterday’s good intentions? Let Dr. Currier guide you toward a life that is everything you want it to be. In Excuses, EXCUSES, Dr. Currier introduces a “no excuses” approach to better health, … See more details here