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Working with organizations, teams, and individuals…
our services are all designed to do one thing:

Accelerate the growth of leaders.

Our Engagement Model

Our engagements follow a collaborative process, focused on actionable outcomes for leadership transformation.

Products & Solutions

Our products and solutions address three broad areas of Individual and Team Organization Developmental needs.


Individual Leadership Development

Executive Feedback

Leadership Acceleration Process

360° Feedback


Group Leadership Development

Lead, Follow, or Hide

Art of Leadership


Survive or Prosper

Connect the Dots


Team Building and Performance
Management Workshops

Teams in Transition

POWER Performance

Straight Talk Sessions

The Currier Group Services address the development needs for leaders at all levels, from emerging high-potential managers to seasoned executives. Take a look at these common Organization Development Needs and the Currier Group Solutions designed to address them.

Organization Development Need

Currier Group Solution

I have high-potential young executives who need to make the transition from being an individual contributor to being a team leader.

› Lead, Follow, OR Hide
› LEAP: LEadership – Acceleration Process
› 10 Leadership Contracts

I have strong managers who need a greater understanding of the difference between being a manager and being a leader.

› Art of Leadership
› Managers Must Lead / Leaders Must Manage
› Survive or Prosper

I have managers who need to develop their coaching skills to improve their overall leadership effectiveness.

› Connect the Dots
› Straight Talk Between Partners
› Legacy

I have a team going through a transition of a senior leader.  I want to use this change as an opportunity to jump-start this group.

› Teams In Transition

I have a team performing at a solid level. I want to challenge and support the leader and the team to raise their level of performance.

› POWER Performance
› 360° Feedback (for Director)

I have a senior executive who needs information about opportunities for growth and feedback regarding their performance.

› 360° Feedback
› Executive Feedback
› Straight Talk Between Partners

Course Overviews



The Currier Group has proven programs to address Individual Leadership Development opportunities.

EXECUTIVE FEEDBACK is a comprehensive, time-staff intensive investment in men and women who are either established leaders or who are preparing to enter the leadership ranks.  An Executive Feedback program is recommended for individuals who have earned (or are about to earn) the rank of DBO (or equivalent) and above.  Candidates receive a test battery composed of leadership and EQ inventories, personality development, management style, cognitive/achievement measures, culture survey, and other psychological instruments.  The testing takes between 6-8 hours to complete.  When the raw test data are received, an elaborate, multi-level profile is completed.  Executive Feedback culminates in a one-half day intensive feedback experience.

LEadership Acceleration Process   LEAP is a half-day session during which an individual is evaluated for his/her degree of potential contribution to leadership within the organization.  High-potential candidates are given a battery of tests, evaluating cognitive skills, leadership aptitude and cultural alignment.  The LEAP Process will help define an individual’s potential and predict likely future behavior if placed in a management role.  A LEAP Assessment is recommended for individuals who are being considered for promotion (or recently promoted) to the rank of Sales Manager or equivalent.

360° FEEDBACK is four-step process (generally a full-day experience) that will help identify, develop and manage the talent within the organization.

A 360° Feedback process has two general uses and functions:

  1. For Individuals—as a confidential tool for individual development for managers who are at mid-level and above in their careers
  2. For Groups—as a profiling instrument for work groups to target development and shape environments to support development


The Currier Group offers targeted Leadership Development experiences for Leaders and Business Executives … from first-time Managers to experienced Senior Executives.

LEAD, FOLLOW OR HIDE:  Becoming An Effective Leader  This two-day program is an introduction to the challenges of the relationship between being an “Expert” and learning to manage and lead others.  The workshop will explore how the interaction between the Fundamental (“F”), the Interpersonal (“IP”) and the “Self” (“S”) competencies often determine success in management and leadership roles.

Art of Leadership  This three and one-half day experiential workshop recognizes the difference between effective (or even superior) management and world-class leadership.  The session provides for a type of “Executive Retreat” –a time for personal reflection and an opportunity to break through the barriers to reaching one’s full potential.  Participants learn how to “M-A-P” an individual’s behavior to better understand the impact of marker events and choices made as a result of life experiences.  Participants will also learn coaching skill-sets to make productive changes and more effectively impact others — both professionally and personally.

This three and one-half day program is designed to build a higher level of work performance and effectiveness in an individual’s work and life by exploring the forces of the mind as well as the heart.  A key objective is to identify and break through barriers that roadblock peak performance and to build interpersonal (IP) and self (S) competencies.

This five day executive level training program will build a higher level of effectiveness in an individual’s work and life by combining the forces of the mind and heart:  knowledge and emotions,  IQ plus EQ.  The rational competencies of a passionate business professional should be guided by precision, patience, planning, expression and wisdom. We explore building Interpersonal (IP) and self (S) competencies in order to create a more effective leadership profile. The desired outcome of this synergy between potentially opposing forces is the development of management and leadership principles that will translate into a clear and compelling individualized leadership persona, accompanied by a concrete action plan.  The workshop offers both experiential learning and open seat exercises to affect positive individual and organizational growth.  There is also a strong team-building component to the program.

This program comprises a leadership development and executive coaching methodology to improve performance in business, and by extension, personal relationships.  Building upon the foundation of the Art of Leadership, this workshop will enable executives to accelerate their development to the senior leadership level by overcoming personal and professional barriers in their lives to create POWER performance (Passion-Ownership-Wellness-Excellence-Relationships).  Participants will learn how to “MAP”— i.e., how to explore and address the underlying Motivations-And-Perceptions of individuals—that drive their own behaviors and the behaviors of those individuals they lead and coach.



The Currier Group has proven programs to address specific organization challenges faced by business executives. Each workshop is modified based on team feedback received through confidential surveys. Survey data provides specific themes that direct team engagement with Currier Group core models.

When a leader is promoted, demoted, or leaves an organization, whether s/he is widely respected or not, underlying issues and concerns may surface and lower both performance and esprit de corps if left unaddressed.   Teams in Transition is designed to jump start business momentum and prevent the loss of valued talent who might otherwise leave during difficult periods of reorganization. Changes in leadership typically challenge members of a team by throwing them into a type of no-man’s land where individuals and the group as a whole must redefine five significant psychological forces—Identity, Control, Meaning, Belonging and Sense of Future.  Until these forces are clearly redefined and accepted, teams tend to struggle with three predictable outcomes:

  1. Breakdowns in communication
  2. Negative emotions
  3. Lower productivity

This program utilizes proven techniques and approaches to build a unified esprit de corps by exploring and measuring individual and team POWER:


This two-day program is designed to help teams and their leaders achieve higher levels of performance and/or address significant issues of leadership and communication that are creating “drag” and “slippage” for the team.  The role of the leader in the team is explored contrasting a “Single Leader” Group versus the “POWER Matrix” model.   Issues concerning delivery of effective feedback, building trust, and capacity for managing healthy tension/conflict are examined.  A primary goal is to provide significant feedback to the leader of the team concerning his/her impact on the team.

The Straight Talk Between Partners process is an interaction intended to support and encourage leaders with feedback regarding both his/her strengths and developmental opportunities. Often it is a challenge for individuals to get accurate, honest developmental feedback about themselves, their performance, and the impact they are making on others. This confidential process is a method to bridge that gap. Individuals agree not to share information from Straight Talk Sessions and confidentiality is maintained by participants.